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How BEE Partners' Social Solutions Builds Biliteracy

Updated: Jun 12

Biliteracy, or the ability to read and write in two languages, is an important skill for emergent bilinguals (those speaking multiple languages). With the increasing number of bilingual students in the United States, it is essential that they are equipped with the appropriate strategies and resources to be successful in the classroom. To help these students reach their full potential, we offer a unique curriculum supplement called Social Solutions/Soluciones Sociales TM that teaches reading comprehension strategies and social studies focused on Latino students in the U.S.

Social Solutions/Soluciones Sociales TM focuses on the most important reading strategies critical for emergent bilinguals, such as visualizing, questioning, predicting, summarizing and synthesizing all in the context of culturally sustaining articles about Latino history, figures and culture. For each strategy, we provide lesson plans, activities, vocabulary and assessment tools to help students develop their skills. We also create activities that incorporate the essential social studies concepts that Latino students need to know, such as the civil rights movement, immigration, and the history of Latinos in America, all based on standards.

To maximize student engagement, we've used interactive activities such as role-playing, story-telling, and hands-on projects. We also help teachers collaborate with their students to create a comfortable environment where they can discuss topics related to biliteracy, such as the importance of understanding native language and culture. Additionally, we include links a variety of multimedia resources to ensure that students are actively engaged in the learning process.

Overall, our commitment is to provide students with the necessary resources to reach their academic potential. We strive to help teachers create an environment where students are encouraged to use both their native language and English to communicate effectively. By teaching these students reading comprehension strategies and social studies, they will be able to become successful, biliterate learners.

Read what one of our teachers wrote:

"¡Gracias por ofrecer un producto para enseñar estrategias de comprensión de lectura y estudios sociales sobre estudiantes Latinos! Esto es un gran paso para ayudar a los estudiantes emergentes bilingües a alcanzar su máximo potencial. Estoy emocionado de que ofrezcan actividades interactivas como escritura, narración de historias y proyectos prácticos para mantener a los estudiantes activos. Estoy entusiasmado con el compromiso de brindarles a los estudiantes los recursos necesarios para alcanzar su potencial académico. Estoy seguro de que esto ayudará a los estudiantes a convertirse en lectores y escritores exitosos."

You can request information about getting Social Solutions/Soluciones Sociales TM for your teachers by email at info@beepartners.og, or by phone at 844-211-2771.

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